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BLOND:ISH at Rainforest Advent…

BLOND:ISH playing an exclusive DJ set from Rainforest Adventures Park, in Sint Maarten for Cercle & SXM Festival.

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BLOND:ISH – Sint Maarten:


18°02’26.9″N 63°04’18.6″W

Video credits:

Venue: Rainforest Adventures Park, Sint Maarten
Produced by Cercle & SXM Festival
Executive producers: Derek Barbolla & Philippe Tuchmann
Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
Director of photography: Mathieu Glissant
Cameramen: Mickaël Fidjili
Drone pilots: Alexis Olas
FPV drone: Filip Petronijević
Sound mastering: Antoine Guest
Production team: Anaïs De Framond, Dan Aufseesser, Armand Prouhèze
Communication: Pol Souchier & Lola Lebrati
Graphic Design: Anaëlle Rouquette
Label Assistant: Clémence Maillard
Technical Manager: Aurélien Moisan
Chief Financial Officer: Andy Cheremond
Post-production: Mathieu Glissant (Saison Unique Production)
Photographer : Raul Aragao

Special thanks to:
Julian Prince
Riley Westgaard
Mario Cvetic
Joël Barbeau
Julia Fugazy
Riley Westgaard
Alex Jukes 
Olivia Gottlieb
Erik Lehmann
Max Frieser
Krystel Arbia ,
Driss Skali
Didier Bornat
Rohan Morisson
Alex Raygoza
Bryan Bogantes
Mauricio Cortez
RT Agency
Monza Ibiza Records
Abracadabra Records
Calamar Records
Get Physical Music GmbH
Dawn Till Dusk
Wayu Records
Atmosphere Records
Renaissance Records
All Day I Dream
Galerie Joseph


This artistic performance has been recorded live. Exceptionally, we didn’t do an interview for this show.


Valentín Huedo & Igor Marijuan – Neo (All Day I Dream)
Cameron Jack – Everything Will Be OK (Abracadabra Records)
Greg Nairo – Purple Winter (Dawn Till Dusk)
Ella Wild – Ode To Life (Wayu Records)
Moojo – Falling (Calamar Records)
Max Doblhoff – Ena (Madorasindahouse)
Mike Griego feat. Amber Long – Sofia (Guy Mantzur Remix) (PlattenBank)
Blond:ish – Sint Maarten (Cercle Records)
Durante feat. Paul Wetz – Evaporate (Street Tracks)
Animal Trainer – Rave New World (Monkey Safari Remix) (Atmosphere Records)
Moojo feat. Gabsy – Papa Wemba (Calamar Records)
Niconé – Miauapella (Katermukke)


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Comment (35)

  1. Oh dear, I would love to hear Blond:ish take her sound further however no, we just get that same old boring beats with a total lack of creativity. What a waste when one is master of technique but lacks the courage to make a commitment to the art. I predict a dead end street with this one. The scenery won't save her.

  2. Magnifique set et magnifique location ! Encore bravo à la prod Cercle et à l'artiste ☺️ Le manque de l'interview se fait cependant ressentir, c'est un peu la marque de fabrique Cercle, ce qu'on attend après chaque set, les petits insights de l'artiste qui vient de performer. Même si j'ai passé plus d'une heure à kiffer j'avoue que sans la petite interview c'est pas vraiment pareil ☺️ Good job Cercle and Blondish

  3. Awesome venue as always but havnt seen a real dj since ? um… Henrick schwarz ? 😉 /That set was wild. Imagine seeing Claude Young, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Terrence Parker, DJ Bone, Midland, theo parrish, Danilo Plessow, Chris Loco, Wandrewelle, Fred P, Job Jobse, Prind Thomas, St Germain, Hiroshi Watanabe, David Vunk, IF, Eric Cloutier, Ellen Allien, PVH, Simon Caldwell, LAURENT GARNIER ie real DJs in these locations. Seriously… Imagine Giving Laurent the resins for 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 10 hrs with a backdrop. He would teach these trendsetters a thing or 2 about DJing and journeys… And how to work it in with your environment.

  4. 00:00 Valentin Huedo & Igor Marijuan – Neo 
    07:00 Cameron Jack – Everything Will Be OK
    12:00 Greg Nairo – Purple Winter
    16:00 Ella Wild – Ode To Life 
    21:00 Moojo – Falling 
    25:02 Max Doblhoff – Ena
    29:12 Unreleased
    35:00 Mike Griego ft. Amber Long – Sofia (Guy Mantzur Secret Mix)
    42:00 Blond:ish – Sint Maarten
    50:30 Durante – Evaporate
    55:00 Sebjak & Fahlberg – Somebody (No release yet)
    1:00:32 Animal Trainer – Rave New World (Monkey Safari Remix)
    1:07:00 Mòo & Jo ft. Gabsy – Papa Wemba
    1:12:22 Niconé – Miauapella